First Try Simple Gyaru Style Makeup

Hi everybody~!
Welcome to my born month! hehe
Remember my promise about sharing my Gyaru Style Makeup?
I will share about it today! now! or neverrrr! #LoL
Sorry if this was too late, because I had a Mid Term Test since 2 weeks ago T^T

So, this is my very first try about Gyaru Style.
I've been interested about it since AFA (Anime Festival Asia) from the last day,
AFA inspired me to imagine how I would become if I look like a Japanese girl, haha
That's why I wanna try this style but in a simple step ^.~
But I don't think my first try is already succeed T^T
Just take a look at my photos below ;)
I'm not really sure if my looks already like a Japanese T^T
critics and your suggestion will help me a lot!

Anyway, I will show you what I used from the start with a quick review too :)

1. The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner
This is my favourite toner from all the times!
It cleans my face perfectly :D
Start the day with a clean face before makeup ^^

2. Clean & Clear Moisturizer from Johnson&Johnson
I've been using this since Junior High School.
It doesn't have any negative effect on my combination skin :)
Use moisturizer after toner.

3. Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #3
My favorite makeup base! Love all the things about it X)
already review it here :)
This will make your makeup stay awesome for a long time ;)

4. Caring Colours BB Cream Fair White from Martha Tilaar
The BB Cream is okay with me, but it makes my skin oily after 4 hours
The coverage is slightly good.
I use this after putting on my makeup base.

5. Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chips Cookie Pact
Who doesn't love this cookies? (click here for the review)
Japanese girl skin tone is white, 
so I choose this cookies to make a bright face after BB Cream :)

6. Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #3
Put some pink blusher to your beautiful cheek ^.~

7. Jolly Hair Lashes
This photo was taking after my second use of the lashes and it still looks good ;)
 Take on your lashes glue and stick the lashes to your eyes. 

8. Tony Moly Prestige Super-Proof Eyeliner
I love this one! So simple and easy to use :D
Create your big eyeline to make the eyes more bigger like a doll ^^

8. Martha Tilaar CC Happy Eye Shadow - 10 October Feast
It is an eye shadow but I always use this to make contour of my face
because the colour is just so natural for Asian skin.
Usually I use number 4 as my highligher and the gradation into number 2.
(rarely use number 1) 

 9. Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint #Clear
To finish my Gyaru looks, I apply the pink lip tint

My Gyaru looks will be ended up like the photo above
Maybe it still doesn't look like a Japanese girl but it's okay I'll try in another chance :)
What's important in my Gyaru version is creating a big eyeline and big circle lens will be so much help for it (my circle lens DA is 16mm). The last but not least is SELCA TIME! Enjoy! ^^ 

Airin Sherry


  1. You're eyes look really pretty! What type of lenses are you wearing?
    They make your eyes appear so big and round ^_^


  2. hey, thanks dear~ :D
    I wear Barbie Eye Super Nudy 16mm ^^

  3. Your eyes looks soooo huge and cute ^u ^ I really like this look on you, I was actually really looking forward to this post when I saw your preview on Instagram :D I think you look really pretty, like a chinese celebrity ^-^*

  4. thanks a lot Mindy x3
    I guess I failed, huh? Instead of Japanese my looks is still chinese haha
    so sorry for waiting such a long time anyway :(

  5. awww your skin looks really flawless!
    really nice tutorial~ I might try it out(≧‿≦)
    are you japanese? tehehe your headband is super cute~
    xoxxox Charmaine

    1. aww thank you for such beautiful words dear~ :D
      I'm Indonesian hehe

  6. You needs lover lashes to be gyaru ^.^

    1. that's why I feel something is missing that day~
      thanks for telling me! ^^