Pixy Colors of Delight Eyeline and Shadow Review

I'm kinda bored and doesn't have anything to do right know, so I decided to write a short review about one of my white eyeline. 

Actually the eyeline is given by my sister, she doesn't need it anymore so I take it. haha
This one comes from Pixy Indonesia (click!), it can be used as Eyeline or Shadow.
There are three colours of it:


It claims (in Bahasa):
Pensil multi fungsi yang dapat digunakan sebagai eyeshadow, eyeliner dan dasar eyeshadow. Mudah dioleskan dan dipadukan serta warna terlihat jelas nyata.

The one I'm gonna review is the white one :D

It's not heavy at all, only 1.2 g like a normal pencil ^^

 Swatch! I love the colour result, I just need once or twice to get the white colour.
The texture is a bit creamy and it has a lil sparkles on it. :D
Here's the picture after I wash the eyeline.
I don't know that this eyeline actually a waterproof before.
I'm quietly surprised and kinda satisfied with this eyeline 
because it still good even though I already wash it hehe

 This one I take after I washed and rubbed the eyeline three times as hard as I can haha
I know it's already blurred out but hey it still can be read! 
It is a smudgeproof pencil :D

I forgot how much is the price, but I already search in the internet and got to know that the price is about 30.000 (in Indonesian Rupiah). 

Overall, I like this eyeline!
  • It has a good water-proof and smudge-proof,
  • Doesn't need to swatch many times to get the true colour,
  • Can be for eyeliner or shadow,
  • The creamy texture won't easily broken, and
  • Not so pricey for a great pencil! ^^
Will I buy again? Yes, if I need a matte colour I will RECOMMEND this one ^^

Airin Sherry


  1. I really would like to try this eyeliner because I'm currently looking for a smudge proof eyeliner and this one sounds really promising and the price is good too ^-^* I guess I need to order it online~ c:

  2. sorry for the late reply, 've been busy these days :(
    well, good luck, this is really promising and not expensive actually. you can try it later :D