About Me

Hi there

Welcome to my blog 'Pinkies Diary' \(˘▽˘)/

Finally I made my own with a little help by my friend Cikey Kim 
#thankyousomuch :'D
At first, I love all the pink and lovely things 
that's why I named this blog 'Pinkies Diary' hehe
My name is Airin Sherry, born in 1994, Indonesia.
I'm an art student of Multimedia Nusantara University 2011
Though my English is not good enough, but I'll try as hard as I can,
so I can communicate to you all ^^ 

I'm so EXCITED with my first blog!
I really really want to do it a long time ago, 
but I didn't have much time at the past T^T.
 I will share many things in 'Pinkies Diary'.
This blog will contain some review of my cosmetic products,
make up tutorials, my artworks, fashion and my other hobbies #YEY

(/˘▽˘)/ Let's be friends!

Criticisms and suggestions are very welcome but in a nice way ;D
Hope 'Pinkies Diary' is a useful blog for we all

But don't you dare to take my picture or the other information without my permission okay.
At least, please credit me. I have an effort to create all the information for you all too

  Thanks for all the kindness peeps ^^

Airin Sherry

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