New Cookie Logo + Skin Malgeum in Smoother Review

Hello dear! 
I'm back again! After taking so long time to pass the exams on my college T^T
Anyway, this is my first post on this new year!

Notice about my new watermark there?
Yes, I'm so excited that I even made my own watermark #yey! (*^▽^*)
Actually I've been thinking to make my own watermark last year and I'm an art student.
So why don't I give it a try?
And then, finally this creation has been made this afternoon :D

Inspired by my Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher, I've made this logo (≧∇≦)/
a little explanation from the logo:
- Contains my favourite pink colour of course
- Baby Blue is my perfect match with the pink even in a real life
- Ribbon is the cutest and sweetest things I ever know
- If you're notice the "P" and "d" word-that makes it turn into a ribbon- It is a word from "Pinkies Diary", of course it's the name of my blog :D

So, what do you think? haha
Maybe I must stop to talk about my logo, "the why"explanation will be so loongg to write (´▽`) - c<ˇ εˇ) Lol

Okay, skip to the review!
What do I got here?
It's "Skin Malgeum in Smoother from Etude House" :D
As my promise from the last post before, I want to compare The Faceshop Pure Water Facial Mist in Jeju Marine with this one. Finally I've bought it last year before Christmas and brings it to you all here hehe

I do not own this picture

Skin Malgeum already published on 2012 and I've just bought it last month. I'm so late, right? haha
But never too late before you try~ :D

Why Mal:gam?
Malgeum is the Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness.
Skin Malgeum hypoallergenic toners promote clean, clear and pure complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas.

Mine is Onew's Smoother, the one for Exfoliation Toner.
It can be used as toner, mask and freshner as the picture says :D

The packaging is very well! :)
The bottle is made from a glass-plastic bottle which is very safe (I've ever drop it from my cupboard before and thank Godness it doesn't break at all :'D)
Love so much about the Malgeum concept. Clean, pure and clarity are all in one shining bottle!

I choose this also because of the soft pink colour HA! I'm just kidding :P not all the things that I've bought was just for the pink colour, I choose this because it's for the Exfoliation :D
Never had any Exfoliation product before, and I recognize exfoliation is important to removed the dead skin cells to achieve a healthy and glowing skin. ^^
The box looks (click to enlarge)
It comes in 250ml
[Directions] Dispense solution onto toner pad and use pad to wipe all areas of face and neck.
[Caution] For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/or rash appear.

This is the back side of the bottle.
As you can see, this toner is so wattery and makes some bubble if you shake it.

Etude House is always having a good seal to all their products.

Overall, as a toner Skin Malgeum is one of my favourite. It removes my dead skin cells, blackheads and minimize the pores. It can also removes makeup leftovers just as usual toner. 
The moisturize that it gives is also good.
The smell? It has a calm floral and fruit scent! For me, it scents like a mango fruit and I love it so much! haha 

To compare it with Jeju Marine Pure Water Facial Mist, I also bought the Portable Spray Bottle :D

It comes in 30ml
[Directions] Transfer Skin Malgeum toner solution into the bottle for portable convenience and mist spray application.
[Caution] Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Handle with care.

Buying this spray from the store, doesn't mean it already clean. 
The store is also have bacteries, right? Dust everywhere. I'm not talking like "I'm the Miss everyting super clean" DA~! Hell NO! 
I'm just remind you, the thing is this is for your face! You don't want anything bad happen to your face right?
Besides, we don't know whether someone have already open it before and put it back again to the plastic and it's really making it more unhygienic.
Always soak it off with warm water 5-10 minutes, before use :)

As good as new! (it really is new anyway LoL)
The material for this spray bottle is only an usual plastic bottle.
So, be carefull to not drop it.

I'm quite surprise, the 30ml doesn't spend a lot of drops. I thought the half of the toner from the bottle will gone transferred to the portable spray.

Compare to the Jeju Marine, this one is much more expensive.
When it comes to the function, Skin Malgeum wins! (⌒▽⌒)
Skin Malgeum has so many function and many ways of using it.
Although for the scent, moisturizing, and reducing the blackheads, I love both of them and
Both of them doesn't make my combination skin oily at all. 
I find that buying this one is more worth than Jeju Marine. 
Why? In some way, exfoliation is needed when your skin is dry. I live in a tropical country which have 2 seasons (wet and dry). So this one will be so much help for me to carry on everywhere I go and removes the dead skin cells immediately especially on dry season.

On the other side, I'm so much in Jeju Marine's side! The Skin Malgeum Portable Spray squirts big drops on my face and I hate it! T^T I must carefully sprays it into my face to produce a little squirt.
And after that, gently pat your face for better absorption. ;)

Okay, it's all done!
Both of them is really good with some reasonable price :)
Whatever you choose, I hope it is the best for your skin ;)
Thanks for reading my loooonngg review 

Airin Sherry