Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #3 Peach Review

Today is the day! lol
My first review is gonna be about 'Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #3 Peach Choux'
#so sorry if the information is maybe low, I'm still learning :D

At first when I saw this product launch on my laptop screen, instantly I fell in love with this Baby Choux X) The packaging is soooo Adorable and the base is soooo Creamy.

This Baby Choux Base from Etude House have 3 variants of types:
#1 Mint Choux - Ideal for Acne/Problem Skin
#2 Berry Choux - Ideal for Pallid Skin
#3 Peach Choux - Ideal for Darker Tones


Actually, my skin isn't too dark to pick #3 Peach Choux, but I want my face becomes brighter and have a fair skin. Don't worry if the Peach colour makes your skin too bright, you can decrease the amount of the cream so it won't be too white like a mask :p Another reason I choose the number #3 colour is because I LOOVEEEE Peach scent so badly lol \(‾▿‾\)

(sorry for the bad quality picture)
The packaging is soo cute (♥o♥) 
so different than other cosmetic packaging (Etude House jjang!)


Here's the pict in Daylight :

 This 25gr Choux Base is totally creamy like I've said before :D
The scent is also great! So Peachy like I wanna eat it!
It comes with a spatula too, so it's better to use it to maintain the hygienic

It really does some light coverages and makes your skin brighter.
See the different below 
(my left hand with Peach Choux and my right hand without it)

 (without flashlight)

 (with flashlight)

(with flashlight)

This is my final look using Peach Baby Choux Base only. 
It already covers all of my dark spots and makes my skin become brighter :D

Overall, I really LOVE this base! It doesn't make the pimples appeared so I almost use this everytime I go for my natural dailylook and it already contains SPF25, PA++ so I'm not too worried about the sun ^^. If you are going to a party or any formal events, you still need a foundation, BB Cream or CC Cream for the best covering and long lasting make up. Because the product says it's just a 'base'. :) So use this base/primer before any other make up applied to your face.

Airin Sherry

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