Tony Moly Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask Honey Review

What a great morning today!
I feel so blessed after going to the church :D
And do you know what other things that makes me happier today?

"Tony Moly Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask Honey"

I'm so look like the one who serving an ads, haha
Never mind, let's continue the review ;D

This Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask is come from Tony Moly's brand
I loveeeee so looveee masking at least twice a week PLUS this is a summer season! Why don't you buy some masks sheet to keep the balance of your skin hydration? ^^ Besides, it makes your skin brighter and healthier than ever.
So, actually Tony Moly have finally opened a new branch at the Summarecon Mall Serpong which is the mall I oftenly visit almost everyday hehe
Details :
Natural Pulp Essence sheet mask series are made of 100% Pulp Fabric that effective locks in moisture and enhances better absorption for skin with its silky texture. The honey which contains full of nutrition and moisture, used to use for cosmetics materials.

<front, click the picture to enlarge>

<back, click the picture to enlarge>
Clean your face before use a mask :)

This is my half photo. :D 
I don't want to post the full cover because I'm afraid you all will be scared to see me haha
Anyway, see the thin smooth mask? Oh my it's so moisturized! 
The cool and freshing feeling is also made my day!
What about the scent?
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Light sweet smell of...SWEETNESS
I'm not really sure about the honey scent, it's more like a cake or maybe a syrup oh no! no! 
I don't know BUT I LOVE IT ~~~

After you leave the mask about 20-30 minutes as the instruction says, 
you can squeeze it and get the silky honey texture of the mask.
Then, you can apply the mask's fluid and tab it gently to your face.
Leave it up until the morning you wake up.

Woaa, congratulations to get a healthy and brighter face. I know some people may not like the mask because it's sticky and makes your face a lil bit oily in the morning. But, wash it up! Clean your face like ordinary things that you do in the morning and it will gone! ^^

Airin Sherry

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