The FaceShop Pure Water Facial Mist - Jeju Marine Review

Hello there!
Before September's end, I wanna share my favourite facial mist~
It is Pure Water Facial Mist in Jeju Marine from The FaceShop :D
I always carry this mist everywhere.
When the weather is hot, I spray it
After I wash my face, I spray it
Before/after using the make up, I also spray it! It makes your face glowy and for the long-lasting make up. Yeah, it also can be a make up fixer, Nice, isn't it? x)

It comes in 3 scent ^^

I've bought this one, since the word from "Jeju Island" attract me so much!

This is the real picture :)
So happy when this mist came in front of my door! ^o^)/

Don't worry if you buy it via online, 
it's already wrap with a tight plastic from The FaceShop so it won't easily spoiled ;)

See the pure water there? Ah~ the clear water makes me excited!

It claims:
A spray~type toner keeping the skin refreshed and moisturized with Jeju Samdasoo water and Jeju gullweed extract
Direction: Spray an adequate amount 20cm from the face. Tap lightly for full absorption.
Caution: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on broken or abraded skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

This is the spray part :D

This mist has a light scent, so SOFT and BABYYYY!
It absorbs perfectly to your skin and it's more like, this mist is a water drink for your face lol
I also LOVE this mist because it doesn't make my face oily, tighten my pores, reduce my blackhead and the more important thing is . . . It's FRESHEN my day!
I would DEFINETELY buy it again although for some people this water is not a necessary thing and maybe expensive. But for me, the feeling that it gives, the impacts, and others are so worth to buy! :) 

I heard one of the Skin Malgeum series from Etude House also have the same function as this mist, I never try it before but I do wanna try to compare it with this mist. Maybe later I'll buy and review it for you all ^^

Airin Sherry


  1. Great review :)
    This mist sounds so nice ^0^ I always wanted to get myself a mist too but it's so cold here at the moment so I'm afraid I won't need one till next summer :o But I'm really looking forward to your comparison and review about the Etude House one!
    And Thank you for this review, Airin Sherry :D
    Keep blogging I really like your reviews ! :)

    btw, I know your friend Cikey ^-^ I talked to her a few times :D


  2. Hello Mindy :D
    Yes, I'm Cikey's friend, she is so nice and kind ;)
    Actually the mist sounds nice to use at any weather because you can use it as a toner to clean up your face hehe, Okay just wait, maybe next month I'll get one! *just wish me haha
    Thanks for dropping by again ^^

  3. I love mists especially when my skin feels dry
    It especially keeps me awake xD
    What I'm curious about it how the product sprays out.
    I hate it when it just squirts big drops on my face -_-
    Thanks for the review ~

  4. no no, I forgot to tell that this one doesn't squirt big drops :D
    the hole from the spray is sooooo small and the product says that you must sprays it 20cm from your face. so I think this mist won't make you hate it hehe
    thanks for mention it! ;)

  5. Nice post sweetie <3
    Wahh !! I want that so much Y.Y

    i'm your new follower now~
    saya adain give away nie~ ikutan yuk ! sampai 31 okt <3
    - -

  6. Wow, it's just water but why am I so excited?!!?!!ahah
    This really looks great, I love anything that makes my
    face feel all nice and fresh^_^
    This is definitely something ii would buylol
    Thank you so much for sharing!!(:

  7. hello dear Jennyfer, :D
    Thanks for reading ^^ nanti aku ikutan yaa hehe

  8. hello dear Dianna, :D
    Me too! So excited with this 'water' haha, totally freshen my day!
    thanks for reading ^^

  9. Have u seen the ingredients? It is full of parabens.. i just bought it and saw the ingredients. Im afraid to use it now.

    1. hello dear, at first I didn't notice it before, my mistake, thanks for remind! (I will be carefull next time for sure!)
      For me, I'm just feeling neutral about the parabens, because you can find it anywhere or maybe on your personal day care such as shampoo, body lotion, etc
      It's good to avoid it, but actually the parabens is everywhere #lol