Fresh Aqua Cooling 24 Eyes Stick - Tony Moly Review

How to heal my panda's eyes?

Today I'll share one of my Eye Cream that I recently use.
It comes from Tony Moly #YEAAYY #lol
For me, eye cream is the savior to delay the appearance of wrinkles on my face in such young ages.
  • Because eye cream has a moisturizing effect to keep your skin healthy and fresh. Being healthy and fresh means it can also help to avoid "panda's eyes" B-)
  • Because dry skin can make the wrinkles appear faster than it should be. You don't want to be looks like an old lady, right?
 Sneak peek for the looks ;)

I'm so in love with the pure minty colour >.< ///

Here's the picture looks:
This picture is not mine
"Fresh Aqua Cooling 24 Eyes Stick"
It claims :
"Cooling effect & intensive moisturizing effect. It helps to make comfortable and fresh eyes and activate cutaneous circulation of eyes by moisturizing and soothing eyes."

[Direction] Take an adequate amount of the product, gently apply to an eye area.

Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't have the box anymore so I can't show you the ingredients of this eye cream. Maybe you can search it on Google :P

 < Front look >

 < Back look >

  It has another seal inside to protect the cream :)

This minty cream has a super light scent. 
It's relaxing yet smells sooo good!
I think the smells is quite looks like green tea but it's not really it.

Here comes the judgement! MUAHAHAHA *okay I'll stop :P
In my opinion this little thing is kinda expensive, last year this eye cream is about 99.000 in Indonesian Rupiah. but now in 2014 the price is up, about 109.000 in Indonesian Rupiah.
The packaging is pretty handy, you can bring this little things traveling in that size. 

And, oh! I use it twice a day at morning and before sleep.
Good news this eye stick is NOT STICKY at all! Your skin will absorb it in no time with the cooling effect. Although it's not as cool as your think, except you put this into your freezer #lol

After 3 months I will say it actually kinda works on me. Because some of my friends were asking me "Why didn't you have any panda's eyes?"

As you know, I'm a graphic designer students who works everyday in front of my laptop screen all day long until my eyes tired and go to sleep. That's why I'm sharing this to the people who have a same problem like me.

I'm not gonna say this eye stick works on everybody. What I mean is, use eye cream to keep your eyes moisturized, prevent wrinkled on such young ages and panda's eyes.
I have read some blogs that this eye cream doesn't work at all to them. But who knows it works on you!

Airin Sherry

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