5 Easy Steps Before Using Lenses ft A+ Froze

Hey guys!
I want to share a tutorial what you should prepare and care, before using contact lenses / circle lense / soft lenses for the beginners :)

So, basically everybody that read my post now, knows what it is.
Softlense can be used for helping your eyes problem (minus / plus) without wearing any glasses.
It has a various colour from transparent to solid black.
It was made by soft plastic, so it can allow your eyes to breathe (eyes also need oxygen!)

Lots of people like fashion blogger, makeup blogger, etc also use lenses to make their eyes bigger yet prettier at the same time. This things can help them to improve their look. For example : korean's ulzzang, japanese dolly makeup, etc.

This is one of the korean ulzzang using circle lense and 
adding some make up to improve her looks :)

Nice, isn't it?
Who doesn't want to be pretty and look so dolly?? >.< ///

The one that I'm gonna review is actually my fourth softlense as far.
It is an Indonesian Product "A+ Froze Edition by Exoticon"
If you know Agnes Monica (Indonesian Singer), she is the Ambassador of Exoticon, you can check their web as well (www.eyes-spice.com)
Even though it's my fourth softlense, my first one is come from Exoticon too named X2 ;)

"A+ Froze by Exoticon"
It claims :
"Softlens a+ diproduksi dengan system multy-layer polymerization sehingga warna tidak pudar dan aman bagi mata."
"A+ are manufactured with multy-layer polymerization system so that the color does not fade and safe for the eyes."

I do not own this picture

<click to enlarge the picture>
Source by Exoticon

Here's the picture of my circle lenses in green together with the tutorial. :)

The green box from A+

The box details 
1. Open the box and you'll get a pair of soft lenses inside the sterile water.
2. Prepare your lenses case.
Clean it up with a clean water and after that, 
use the new sterile water to clean it as well.
I use Comfort 8in1 Solution by Exoticon as my sterile water.
You can use other products based on your preference.
For me, it's quite affordable and comfortable to use.
 This is the upper look
Never touch it with dirty hand and
always keep it clean.

3. Fill your case with the new sterile water.

4. Throw the old sterile water from the original softlense box.
Always make sure your hands are clean
because you're gonna move this lense into the case.
A little tips: wet your fingertips with sterile water before you take it from the box.
5. Hwala! You're done!
Leave it about 6 hours before using the lenses.
Okay, that's it!
The key is you must keep all things clean.
Easy right?!

- Always change the sterile water (solution) on cases every 3 days.
- Make sure your hand is clean (+wet your fingertips with solution) before wearing the lense.
- Always cut your thumb nail and index finger nail, because we must keep the lens hygienic and prevent to tear the lenses. 
- Clean the lenses by rubbing the lenses softly and carefully with solution before wear.
- Bring eyedrops everywhere you go. It's important if your eyes suddenly feel dry.
My eyedrops is "ROHTO C Cube" from ROHTO of course.
I bought it about thirty thousand Rupiahs.
It's so handy, quite expensive, and pretty easy to find (I bought it on Guardian Store)
This eyedrops can be use if you wear circle lense only!

Another short review

This is my final looks with the circle lens :3

I do love the result!
The green colour is just stand out! x)
My eyes don't feel dry whenever I go with different room temperature.
That's all for now ^^
I hope this post can be useful for you guys.
Don't be shy, drop a comment below and tell me what you think.

Airin Sherry


  1. These lenses look stunning on you! I wear lenses for makeup tutorials and selcas as well haha. I already knew how iportant it is to keep everything clean but thanks for reminding me that i have to change the solution for my lenses tomorrow! ♥

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    Mindy ♥

    1. Hello dear, thanks for reading ^^
      Thanks for inviting as well, I would love to join it! ;)

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    1. Iya aku juga suka ijonya, thanks for reading anyway ;)

  3. I like your makeup and your hair! What hair colour do u use?

    1. Thanks!
      I use reeves hairchalk, already review it here