Caring Colours Happy Lip Colour - Ever Sun #1 Review

Hai readers :D
Today I'm gonna review my tangerine lipstick from Martha Tilaar : Caring Colours Happy Lip Colour - Ever Sun #1

Actually, I do love all the pink colours more than anything. But when I heard that the tangerine / orange colour are so popular these days, I'm trying to look one for my collection. So, when I stopped by to buy my sister's BB Cream, I found this orange lipstick and tried it out. Believe it or not it blows me away! I'm totally in love with the Ever Sun colour! So tangerine and natural, it's cheap also (about 35.000 in Indonesian Rp).
What should I waiting for? I found mine and instantly, I bought it right away lol
Here you go :D

It contains Sacha Inchi Oil and Brazillian Pepper which is rich of Omega 3 to prevent chapped lips and keep lips from environmental influences. It also contains Moisture Core with complete moisturizer formula ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Avocado Oil and Wild Mango Extract (mango fruit seed extract) to keep the healthy lips and moisturize. (source taken from Martha Tilaar Shop Official Website)

(with and without flash)
There is moisturizer inside the lipstick

(without flashlight)
(with flashlight)

Forgive my narcisism! I just wanna show the final looks of the lipstick in my way :p 

For the natural look, you can apply the lipstick only the inside of your lips area

 This is the full applied looks on my lips

Like another ordinary lipstick, you must re-apply again in about 3 hours. But overall, this 'Caring Colours Happy Lip Colour - Ever Sun #1' is Great! It really gets you a natural lip colour with a healthy way. I recommend you Ever Sun colour for a tangerine and fresh looks. :D

Airin Sherry


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