Pure Honey Sugar Kit Review + Alert

Hello dear fellas!

I want to do a quick review today.
It's about WAX Experience!

It comes from Sugarpotwax an Indonesian Homemade Wax Brand.
This thing helps us to wax easily without pain and do it on your own.
It can be used for normal until sensitive skin.
Also, homemade wax claimed that it's safe to use with no dangerous chemical ingredients and they're guarantee it. 

If you interested to know it further more, just click this link right away: www.sugarpotwax.com
They already explained everything: instructions, review, FAQ, testimonials, etc is all complete!

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Mine is the same as the picture.
I remember this one is the most popular flavour between others in 2013, since this is the very first published item. The name is "Pure Honey Sugar Kit"!
They also have other flavours : Matcha, Milky Strawberry and Chocolate.
Each of the flavours have their own specialty with the main focus still for waxing with no pain.

Benefits of Honey from Sugarpotwax:
- Lightens dark skin
- Removes dead skin
- Antibacterial
- Full of antioxidants
- Moisturising & Soothing
- Creates glowing skin
- Keeps skin soft & supple

So, I just attract to it instantly!
I never wax before, this is my first time.
The price for Pure Honey Sugar Kit is 75.000 in Rupiahs, while others come with 80.000 Rupiahs.
Affordable to buy and along with the kit. How nice!

1 honey sugar gel
2 spatulas
1 instruction manual in Bahasa
12 washable strips

It also has a transparent cap inside 
which is nice to keep the sugar stay in place and
prevent to absorb moisture from the room that 
can change the sugar gel texture.

Here's my lovely gold honey sugar!


First, you need to warm the sugarpot until the texture turns softly into honey.
You can skip this part depends on your preference because actually sugarpot is a cold-wax.
Second, make sure to clean and dry the hair part that you want to remove.
Adding some powder can helped.
Third, stir the sugar gel with spatulas and apply it by following the hair growth.
Fourth, take your washable strips and covered all the sugar gel in the area by pressing it, until the strips have completely stick to the gel and the hair.
Fifth, pull out the strips by the opposite direction of the hair growth.
You must do it fast! Otherwise, it may be hurt.
Sixth, do it repeatedly until the hair is completely remove and hwala you're done! 
Clean the sugar area with cold water and soap ;)

After you're done, prepare your warm water and put all your strips for about 30 mnts.
The sugar will disappear and the hair will be spread out among the water.
This step proved us that the sugarpot is really made from sugar!
And you can use the strips again as good as new.

In my opinion, 
The sugarpot gel wax is 100% very comfortable to use as my first wax ever!
It really takes the hair along with the roots.
I think this is the one that cause the hair is growing slow and it makes the hair thinner than before. :D
I don't have any contras as far. I already use it 4 times to removes the armpit hair, lol
It does not cause any breaks or darkening on the area as well (one of the ingredient is lemon. Lemon is famous for brighten the skin, so don't worry).

The first try may be shocked! But it's, endurable and very useful!
The second attempt may be not hurt at all! ^.^

Many competitors these days, make the sugarpotwax company going crazy.
They have to change their packaging and others, because so many wild sellers selling fakes products with unknown ingredients and trying to still their customers.
The new looks for the packaging is white.

 Read the article here

Please make sure you only buy it from the web, their authorized sellers or from Lazada.
Support #behairlessbefree 

Airin Sherry


  1. wheee...an indonesian brand! this is something that I can totally relate to~~ been wanting to make a homemade wax but I'm just too lazy. this thing would be owsom to do the job for me :) thanks for the review~

  2. I never heard about this brand but it sounds so nice!! Wish i could just get it here in Germany T__T I'm a little scared of wax though because it looks so painful in movies haha~

    You can enter my giveaway here ♥