Introducing my brand new favourite bralette from Cloth Inc

Hello ladies,
This night I want to talk about my things called "bralette".
I'm a newbie talking about fashion, so cmiiw ;)

Bralette become famous these days in Indonesia.
Basically, bralette is a bra without underwires.
It made from lace or cotton and it's easy to wear.
I also find it comfortable to wear and can be mix n match with many styles.

What makes me want to buy it?
At first, I saw Indonesian fashion blogger, Anastasia Siantar, wear it and she looks so gorgeous!
Rini Wulandari also cool wearing the bralette!
My opinion is how can they show their skin but I feel that sexy isn't number one but very classy is!
It's not like I'm telling they are not sexy, but I feel bralette can show their inner beauty.

Both of them wearing the bralette from Cloth Inc.
So, I've come to Cloth Inc's Instagram immediately.
I'm actually surprised that Cloth Inc is owned by Julian Tanoto, a young Indonesian entrepreuner *big applause :D

Here it is review for Basic Cropped Bralette in Black from Cloth Inc.
I've been in love with the shop since they sell simple, chick, yet edgy look, that makes me fell in love with them.
They quite popular for the bralette too on that day so I trust them to buy one of their best bralette.

[source from Cloth Inc]

Actually, I've bought mine since January 2015 on their website, lol
The website shows the simplicity of Cloth Inc and also user-friendly. 

Show some skin with this bralette. Also perfect to be paired with our Lace Crop Top.
Made from cotton polyester soft woven, finished with back zipper and adjustable strap.
Model is wearing size S
The price is 139.000 in Indonesian Rupiah.

The size of my bralette is XS, according to their size guide:
BUST 80-82cm
WAIST 62-64cm
HIP 84-86cm

Let's check mine below ;)

Their packaging looks simple and classy, 
using doff surface to prevent water that might tear the paper packaging.
You will get your name and address on the back side,
but I already tore it for my own privacy :p  

The cloth is wrapped up by plastic as usual.

Here is my bralette looks ^^

I cannot say that I'm happy enough to receive my package that day, but I'm VERY HAPPY because this is worth to buy!
The fabric is soft, the straps also adjustable, and what's important is FITS me perfectly! x)
If I can say, it's a little bit expensive for me to get this light bralette, because my mind sets that this bralette would be thicker based on the models look.
But who cares, thanks to Cloth Inc I have a confident to show some skin and I just love how this bralette works! haha

Airin Sherry

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